Which province has cheapest car insurance?

Which province pays the most for car insurance?

British Columbia – $1,832

Let’s start with the bad news first. Drivers in Canada’s westernmost province pay the highest insurance rates in Canada, averaging just over $1,800 a year.

Is car insurance cheaper in BC or Alberta?

A study conducted by MNP on behalf of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a group advocating for private insurance companies, found British Columbians are paying up to 42 per cent more for insurance compared to Alberta drivers. … “The big difference between Alberta and B.C. is who you are buying your insurance from.

Is car insurance more expensive in BC or Ontario?

Is Car Insurance Cheaper In BC Than Ontario? No. British Columbia has earned the reputation for being the province with the highest insurance rates.

Which city has the cheapest car insurance?

Findlay, Ohio, claims the title of the cheapest city for full coverage, with an average premium of just $883 per year. The national average cost of full coverage car insurance is $1,674 per year.

Which city in Ontario has the lowest auto insurance?

Cheapest cities in Ontario for car insurance

  • Kendal $1,271.
  • Port Hope $1,175.
  • Amherstview $1,132.
  • Brockville $1,132.
  • Iroquois $1,132.
  • Martintown $1,132.
  • Elizabethtown $1,132.
  • Cornwall $1,132.
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Which part of Ontario has cheapest car insurance?

Here are the towns or cities in Ontario that have some of the cheapest car insurance rates in 2020:

  • Grimsby and Waterdown ($1,192)
  • Sudbury ($1,165)
  • Sarnia ($1,159)
  • St. Thomas ($1,124)
  • Cornwall, Petawawa, and Russell ($1,107)
  • Kingston, Napanee, Port Hope, Cobourg and Brockville ($1,103)